, 01/13/2015
There's a reason these shakes are on discount. I made the drink according to the directions, though I went a step farther and used an immersion blender. I then added some ice cubes, and blended those in. The result is drinkable, but not a velvety and delicious chocolate shake. The ice cubes and immersion blender give the shake a good shake density, but the powder remains gritty throughout. It'll drink, and I'm sure like all of the drinks, it will be filling, but for my calorie-money, I'd rather have had two of the HNS protein drinks, or one of the meal-replacement bars.
, 12/04/2013
I start every day with a delicious Metashake. It gives me a nutritional energy boost that lasts most of the day. In my opinion this is one of the best products we have ever come out with. I firmly believe in it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better.
, 11/25/2013
The Metashake Chocolate shakes are rich and chocolaty, and have the best overall nutritional qualities of any meal-replacement shakes I've seen. They're filling too! After drinking one I typically don't get hungry for hours! The label says to make it with water or fat-free milk. Either way tastes good, or mix it in the blender with 8 or 10 cubes of ice.
, 09/24/2013
This Metashake fills me up and keeps me full! It tastes good for chocolate! Not as sweet as the chocolate bars. I love this Metashake because it is quick and easy when I need it - especially on a hot day with lots of ice!