, 02/06/2016
, 02/04/2016
Good with a little protein powder, extra cold.
, 12/11/2014
I absolutely LOVE the flavor of this drink! However, unlike the other MRC powdered HNS drinks, when I shake these up, there seem to be these odd slimy floaty protein things (like bits of floating jello) that I can't get past, so I haven't purchased any more of these (it's a texture thing). If it weren't for the slimy floaty things, this flavor would definitely be my #1 and I would buy them weekly!
, 05/12/2014
This is delicious! I will definitely purchase more.
, 03/27/2014
Normally i really like peach mango flavored things but this one isn't my favorite. It's good but not as good as I had hoped.