, 11/12/2016
I'm half-way through the program. I've already lost one full size, and I'm almost into the second size down! I only wish that I had been able to choose the flavors of the supplement drinks. Grapefruit and chicken bouillon are my favorites!
, 10/24/2016
Kit received complete, flavors are good. Started 10-18-16, doing well. Thank you
, 10/11/2016
Can't tell a difference yet
, 03/28/2016
This is my second time using MRC products. In 2011 I lost 30 lbs using MRC products with healthy diet & power walking 3-5 days a week. Over the last 5 years I've gained all weight back and struggle due to my thyroid issues. I decided to try the 28 day plan this time and I am on day 26. After the first week I was sleeping better & had more energy & lost 5 lbs. I've been eating better & drinking all my water & able to get all pills down. I've lost another 3lbs so a total of 8lbs. I want to lose at least 30 more lbs. I haven't been able to work out due to my busy schedule & to tired to do so after I get off. I know if I add exercise I could loose even more weight. My work pants are way looser so I know I've lost inches but not sure how many. This was a starting back point and I will continue my journey. After this plan is done I will just use the Corti-Trim, protein drinks, MetaShakes and Fat & Carb Blocker. Plus add exercise!!!! Looking forward to the next month.
, 02/25/2016
So far, excellent. I am down 5 lbs and love that I can have regular food. I did metabolic back in 2002 but stopped the program before reaching my goal. Over the years I've gained all my weight back .... plus! The only problem I'm having right now is getting all the recommended pills in every day.