, 03/12/2014
I started the Majic program 10 days ago and have already lost 8 pounds and very much more inches. With the help of the online consultant, Cheryl, it has been very easy. Please do not do this alone. Accountability and support is of the utmost importance. It has made all the difference to me.

Sincerely, Victoria
, 02/25/2014
I started Metabolic Majic 28 day weight loss plan on Dec. 29, 2013 and to date I have lost 18 pounds and several inches. Metabolic Research is a great program for weight loss success. In the beginning I seriously had some challenges with feelings of hunger, but I was determined that I needed to lose some weight, therefore I had to remain strong and focused on following the plan as it was laid out.

Eventually,I over came being hungry after 2-3 weeks of being on the plan as directed. Thanks to Metabolic Research and Cheryl my online counselor, I will continue the program with ongoing success. I only have 7 more pounds to reach my goal of 25 pound weight loss.

Rating for this plan is excellent!!!!