, 02/12/2016
Best part is gluten free!
, 10/23/2013
I love this product because I think it really works to reduce any cravings you might have, and definitely helps my "dormant" metabolism. I think in taking this product I have a comfort zone of knowing it's doing its' job.
, 10/04/2013
(Review also for MRC-6, Corti-Trim) I cannot chose just one product to rave about. They all work together to help me achieve my goal. My cravings are gone. I do not get hungry. The many inches I am losing gives me a lot of encouragement. I love them all. It is easy for me to stay on a weight loss program with the help of these products. Main not being hungry and having no cravings. I have tried many weight loss programs but have never had the success I get from this program.
, 09/26/2013
I love Phentratrim Plus because it helps curve my appetite and helps with my cravings.