, 08/08/2020
So far I've taken this product for a week now and I have lost 3 solid pounds. I eat very healthfully already but I haven't had to change my diet which is super easy. The product has very little side effects for me. The only thing I experienced was headaches and some increased anxiety-type feelings when I took the "advanced dose" of Corti-Trim. I learned that for me, the double dose is just too much so I went back to the single dose and I feel great again. I find that I'm not feeling as hungry or having that "I just want to eat" feelings which is great because I don't snack all the time. So far so good with this stuff!
, 08/07/2020
Corti-Trim helps my stress level a lot so i won't over eat that day.
, 08/04/2020
Love this stuff! Helps in all ways!
, 07/08/2020
, 07/03/2020
good so far