, 03/26/2019
I love this product! I have done metabolic in the past (lost a total of 62lbs in about 4 months) and I took the Corti-Trim then. After getting back into to really bad eating habits and under a ton of stress at work I gained the weight back . I recently started the program again about 3 weeks ago and of course I am taking the Corti-Trim again, along with the MRC-6 this time . I love love love this product and it is worth every penny.
, 03/23/2019
I have been using Metabolic Research Products for 3 years. I was a weight loss coach in Pueblo Colorado so I know and love the products.
, 03/12/2019
Works great!
, 02/23/2019
, 02/07/2019
Lately I have been under a lot of stress and I really do believe this helps from stress eating.