, 07/15/2014
I took Cortitrim to lose in my tough areas which is my belly and thighs. After a month and a half of taking these wonderful pills, I lost 20 inches all over which mostly was from my belly area! I recommend these highly for slimming results in the belly and thigh area.
, 03/03/2014
Losing belly fat and thighs is really important to me. I love Corti-Trim because it hits my hated areas.
, 12/30/2013
I am a Metabolic Manager. I have seen a client lose 3 inches in their belly in two weeks. It is a truly amazing product. Would not be without it.
, 12/13/2013
This product has reduced my upper stomach by quite a few inches. An amazing product! It's exciting watching the inches disappear on my upper stomach.
, 11/07/2013
I can see my waist and my stomach going down. Used to be bloated out and around, and this helped with my stomach and hips. I chose MRC products because I think they are healthy. My triglycerides are normal again. With a history of diabetes and heart disease in my family this program has prevented me from becoming diabetic.

Also, my husband lost 40 lbs while i was on the program and fit into a suit he couldn't wear since 1997! :)