, 09/05/2018
I can see the difference of this product when I use it.
, 08/13/2018
Good but very expensive!
, 08/05/2018
I believe this product has helped my 45lb weight loss, esp the middle bulges.
, 07/09/2018
This product is AWESOME! I've only been taking the Corti-Trim for less than 2 weeks and can tell a difference in my stomach, arms and back areas. Could not believe how fast I saw results. I'm so excited! I will be measured this Friday. Really anxious to see what they will be. Losing weight and learning how to eat clean...great combination! Thank you Metabolic @ Ortega!
, 07/04/2018
Yoyo diets for 10 years and could never lose more than 20lbs, only to gain it all back or more. From Dec to June, 40lbs and 142 inches overall. This program is worth every penny