Customer Testimonials

Cynthia C. , Louisville, KY

I love the efficient way of ordering these products! The shipment arrived within only a few days. For years, I was calling the MRC office I used to attend and asking them to ship them to me. It took a week or more and an investment of my time--including shipping fees. Recently, I discovered I could just click a few keys on my laptop and have the order sent within just a few days. I've been using the protein powder mixes since 2008! They help fill my tummy so that I feel more satisfied. I can only hope that they are truly increasing my metabolism!

Leslie A., Lawton, IA

I actually was on a MRC weight loss program in Sioux City, IA which is where I originally was introduced to the protein drinks and Corti-Trim to help manage my stress. I dropped the program part (weigh-in's and personal meetings with their counselor) but continued buying the products at their center. Due to Co-vid, I decided maybe it would be easier to just purchase online. There is a little difference in price on the protein drinks but otherwise I'm still getting the same product for the same amount with the added ease that it comes to my door instead of trying to catch the center open plus the online has all the flavors instead of just a select few so to me it's a win-win situation.

Gwyn C., Bayard, NE

Products are in easy to use containers. Good quality. Works great when you follow the instructions!!! Drink lots of water and walk!!!!

Deborah, USA

Very satisfied with products! I am a previous Metabolic customer, I love convenience of ordering online.

William C., Rockland, ME

I received my order recently from you. I want to let you know I love your product. I have been using it for a week and already I feel a big difference. I feel lighter and more alert than before. I think this vitamin is just what I needed to lose weight and ward off tiredness. Thank you. I am 100% satisfied with no complaints at all. I will order again in the future!

Sandra M., Clearwater, FL

I really enjoy the products I buy. My order is usually delivered in 1 or 2 days .

Lori P., Greeley, CO

I have been using MRC products since 2015. I lost 67 pounds in 2015 and with the help of the supplements and protein I’ve been able to keep it off. Love this stuff.... all of it!

Rebecca Powell, Columbus , GA

There are great dessert recipes in the MRC Cookbook using the vanilla pudding supplement! It’s a must have. The Super Fruit and Vegetable Drink Powder is a great way to make sure I get my veggies on the run. I mix it with the Pink Lemonade or Wildberry Drink to make it drinkable. High Nutrition Bars take care of chocolate cravings. Rocky Road is my favorite!

Dot, Alma, AR

It was nice getting my product in the mail and very fast!

Lori, Greeley, CO

I have been using products from MRC since June 2015. The items in this order are among my favorites. I lost 67 pounds with MRC and worked in the Greeley, CO office for a short time. I continue to buy my products online.

Sandra & Robert , West Hills, CA

We absolutely love all the products recently purchased. Most especially the Glucose Formula is our favorite. It truly helps in glucose stabilizing of the blood. Thank you!

Jan G., Lafayette, IN

I love the good taste of the lemonade drinks, the Assorted Bars and the Cinnamon Crisp N Crunch bars. BEST diet I have been on. Really has changed my way of eating.

Debbie, Russellville, AR

I have enjoyed your products. The protein drinks are very good to have with my dinner, sweet enough to not feel like I am dieting. I have also tried your protein bars, these are fantastic, once again it feels like i am cheating,. These bars are fantastic, and take the edge off a sweet tooth, with healthy protein. Thanks so much for your products!

Lorraine Nielsen, Searcy

I love ordering from the web store because it is fast and easy. Recently I ordered the Mango Orange High Protein drink. It is just the right amount of sweet and tartness. I love the supplements! I have lost 30 lbs!!

Mary , Churubusco, IN

I will order again. Easy and quick shipping. Items arrived exactly on the date I was told they would come. Thank you very much!

Robert, McKinney, TX

Buying was easy and delivery prompt.

Lynn, Fernandina Beach, FL

Quick delivery & it was well packaged. Thank you!

Virginia, Panama City, FL

I'm very pleased that I can purchase these products online because I am successful with my weigh loss though their usage.

Gail, Amarillo, TX

Fast and efficient service.

Kathryn O., Houston, TX

I am so happy I turned to Metabolic Research Center for my weight loss. It has been 4 weeks since I started and have lost 18.8 lbs. Your supplements and diet are exactly what my body needed. Thank you!

Gayle, Florissant, CO

I love MRC products. I always lose the weight I wanted to lose. Their products really work with no side effects.

Anna, Seymour, IN

The products I bought were great. Thank you so much for your help.

Bud, Dunlap, IA

Everything was great. All of the products are very good.

Kim, Lafayette, IN

This is awesome! Your products are high quality and very effective. Thank you!

Roni, Durham, NC

Love all of my products, love the taste, convenience, and they work for me!

Sam, Gainesville, FL

This is my 5th time over the past 20 years doing the Metabolic Research Center and I am so glad that you provide the option to order online instead of making appointments to go in town now. This is so much more convenient. Thank you!

Juanita, USA

My package arrived in a very timely manner and completely intact. I truly appreciate the convenience of ordering from my home and having the product delivered right to my door.

Beverly, USA

I like all of the Metabolic products. I cannot think of anything negative to say!

Kathy, Omaha, NE

I love the option of ordering online. It is so convenient. Please continue to offer this service!

Richard, Abilene, TX

Liked all the products. Will Order them again!

Elaine, Graceville, Florida

In the first week after I joined Metabolic I began to see a difference in that I no longer needed the once a day heartburn medication I was taking. Next I began to see my glucose numbers drop dramatically. They began to be below 100 in the mornings. I lost inches immediately before I lost pounds. I needed to see a difference before I went to my doctor for my 3 month check up. He was pleased needless to say. He checked my A1C which is an average of three months. I was at a 6 which is almost normal. He had nothing to complain about. So I tell folks at my center in Dothan, Alabama that they are now Doctor Approved! :) My sugars have leveled out now, and I pay more attention to what I am eating. My personal goal is to simply lose 20 pounds, more would be great, but that's my short term goal now.

Linda, Wichita Falls, TX

I love all the products I ordered. Very quick service as well.

Annette, Austin, TX

I have been using Metabolic products since 2010! I lost 52 pounds and have been able to maintain my weight loss! I love all the supplements I have used they are pure and do not upset my system like some over-the-count er products I have used. I really like the Cal-Mag, it is the best calcium I have found, does not upset my stomach and is the exact amount I should be taking.

Nancy, Ocala, FL

Received my products in a timely manner. All products as ordered and described. Have used products before, with good results with diet plan prescribed.

Nola, Elizabethtown, KY

I have been on Metabolic twice - once 20 years ago and 15 years ago because I didn't keep up the sensible eating plan and started to slip further and further. So thank God Metabolic was there for the two times. I thoroughly believe and can attest Metabolic works. Question not about how it works but what it does with the help and caring experience of the people who work there. I lost 8 pounds and have only been on the program 2 weeks. I quit smoking 2 days after starting Metabolic, where as you usually gain around 10 pounds and I have been holding my own thanks to Metabolic. Connie was my counselor at Metabolic and guided me through this process. She has made the transition smooth, by explaining things in detail and answering all my questions. She has helped me make the right choices on my order. I know they care about my well being as much as I do. I can't wait to get back on this proven program that I love.

Marnelle, Little Rock, AR

I have been on the Metabolic Majic 28 Day Plan for 2 weeks. I have lost 8 lbs. Very excited since I was hoping to lose at least 10 pounds before my reunion and I still have two weeks to go. VERY HAPPY and have not felt this good in a long time. Thank you so much for making this available online.

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