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LignisulMSMTM is clinically proven for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. LignisulMSMTM contains dietary sulfur known for its ability to rebuild connective tissue for joints, tendons and ligaments.

MSM is an important component of metabolism and detoxification because facilitates the flow of nutrient exchange across cellular membranes to release energy and toxins from the body.

MSM 500mg Supplement Facts LabelMADE IN USA
Several years ago, there was quite a stir in the news when a conventional surgeon began using an inexpensive solvent from tree sap as a topical pain reliever. DMSO became popular in a hurry, in spite of its pretty undesirable side effects of an offensive odor and red, itchy skin.

It appears the active molecule in that compound was sulfur, an element that humans today can very easily get far too little of. It’s main source in the American diet has always been egg yolk, but ever since the  cholesterol egg scare in the conventional media, even that magnificent source of power-packed nutrition is still avoided by many.

MSM Testimonial

Now, however, there’s a new, easily-absorbed source of sulfur, available in the compound MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane). The chemical-sounding name doesn’t seem particularly nutritious, but nothing could be further from the truth. The sulfur is vital for the production of all sorts of very important proteins, but the ‘methyl’ group that’s in there is also important in its own right for use in the energy-producing systems of the body (along with the sulfur!).

This is good stuff all around.

Sulfur is known for its ability to rebuild connective tissue for joints, tendons and ligaments. Inflammation (and therefore pain) is reduced as tissues heal. This can be good not only for joint problems like arthritis, but also soft tissue problems like fibromyalgia, strains and sprains. In fact, our LignisulMSM™ is clinically proven for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. It’s also an important component of metabolism and detoxification, because it facilitates the flow of nutrient exchange across cellular membranes to release energy and toxins from the body.

But don’t forget skin (and hair and nails!). Sulfur is a vital element in strengthening the cross-linkages that promote taut, youthful, fluid-retaining skin, along with improving the production of keratin for strong hair and nails. Regular users report improved skin tone and increased hair and nail growth, which may be attributed to improved production of both collagen and keratin.

The building blocks of these protein substances are amino acids, mandatory for not only making collagen and keratin, but also for normal functioning within the thousands of enzyme systems of the body. A few of the more difficult-to-acquire aminos require sulfur and our MSM provided a readily-absorbable source of it.

Purity and Quality

LignisulMSM™ is manufactured using a patented distillation process to insure safety and purity. Lignisul is a licensed Trademark exclusive to material produced using guidelines established by ISO 9002, the stringent international standard for product quality. Manufacturing guidelines for LignisulMSM™ also meets or exceeds those required by the Food and Drug Administration.

LignisulMSM™ is a Kosher Certified product by the Orthodox Union. Unfortunately there are many products containing MSM™ that is manufactured without license and that do not comply with the quality standards of Lignisul. These products cannot be endorsed due to possible contamination.

► Guaranteed purity of 99.9%
► Guaranteed moisture content of less than 0.15%
► Manufactured at an ISO 9002 facility, Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
► Custom particle size formulations
► California Prop65 testing using ICP-MS method

LignisulMSM™ is still the only MSM™ that is backed by:

► Safety and clinical trial research data
► Third party testing
► GRAS Certification (Generally Recognized As Safe)
► LignisulMSM™ is the most competitively priced MSM™ on the market

    Metabolic Research Center’s LignisulMSMTM - begin enjoying the benefits of MSM today!

    You can trust Metabolic Research Center for the highest quality products. All of our vitamins and herbs are manufactured in a cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

    , 04/21/2020
    When I don't take this I can feel it! I had an accident and my hips hurt often. When I take this they don't hurt!
    , 03/27/2020
    Stopped using these because I thought I was taking too many and almost immediately noticed my arthritic knee pain had returned! Love these, will never doubt them again!
    , 03/12/2019
    This is the best I have found for my joints
    , 11/13/2018
    Helps with my joint pain.
    , 06/02/2017
    This keeps my joints moving and not stiff

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    SUGGESTED USE: Adults take one (1) capsule daily, as a dietary supplement.

    CAUTION: Not for use by persons under the age of 18. This product is not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using this product.

    Benefits of MSM:

    • ● Inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers (analgesia)

    • ● Lessening of inflammation

    • ● Reduction of muscle spasm

    • ● Softening of scar tissue

    • ● Proper insulin function

    • ● Weight loss

    • ● Often significant relief from pain and stiffness associated with arthritis – Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis

    • ● Necessary for the formation of connective tissue to maintain join flexibility and elasticity

    • ● Improves circulation – replaces old cells with new healthy cells

    • ● Breaks up calcium deposits along with the use of magnesium powder

    • ● Improves the skin, hair and nails

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