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Metabolic Research Center's Mixed Berry Protein Drink is a High Nutrient Supplement using the highest quality ingredients and 15g of protein to help you maintain your weight loss goals.


  • 15g Protein per serving
  • 76 calories and 2g of sugar per serving
  • 7 liquid concentrate packages per box
  • Delicious mixed berry flavor
  • Gluten Free

  • If there’s ever a time when, for whatever reason, dealing with one of our powdered high protein drinks is undesirable, you can relax, ‘cause we’ve got you covered.  MRC has a long line of really good-tasting protein drinks that come in a single-serving, liquid-concentrate pouch - you just squeeze one into a glass, add cold water, and stir.  As an adjunct to reaching your weight loss goal, adding some protein before you get hungry (and consequently lose all your willpower due to a drop in blood sugar!), can make a HUGE difference.

    Many people trying to lose weight come up with the idea that ‘if I just skip a meal entirely, think of all the calories I’ll save!’.  Unfortunately, that’s a big (yep, HUGE) mistake.   It’s not necessary to ‘play the martyr’, suffering in your efforts to lose weight.  Though it may feel like such a sacrifice should ‘earn’ the loss of a few pounds, starving yourself is more than just needless - it’s actually a poor idea: you end up with more of those maddening blood sugar swings that make willpower nearly impossible, not to mention stressing your body with increased insulin demands on your pancreas.

    Remember, proper weight loss should be comfortable.

    However, it should also be visible in a reasonable length of time.  With MRC’s well-researched plans, you’ll find that the effort to lose weight no longer needs to be filled with feelings of dread...just images of results.

    So next time, before you get hungry, remember the ease of squeezing a simple little packet into a glass, adding some water, and drinking your way to your weight loss goal!

    Metabolic Research Center’s Mixed Berry Protein Drink Concentrate - another tool in your weight loss toolkit.

    Notice: For weight reduction, use only as directed in the accompanying diet plan. Do not use in diets supplying less than 400 calories per day without medical supervision.

    Allergen Alert: Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.
    , 12/06/2018
    , 10/31/2018
    , 10/22/2018
    Great flavor. I like these drinks because they help me meet my protein intake goal as well as curb my appetite.
    , 08/29/2018
    Great tasting.
    , 07/18/2018
    I love this

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    1. Empty contents of one packet into a large glass.

    2. Add 5-10oz (150-300ml) of cold water.

    3. Stir well and serve chilled.

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