MRC Complete Plus - Women's Multi Vitamin (30 count)

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MRC Complete Plus Multivitamin for Women is one of the most complete multi-nutrient dietary supplements available on the market today.

Exciting New Product: MRC Complete Plus

MRC Complete Plus - Women's Multi Vitamin  Supplement Facts LabelThe good ol’ multiple-vitamin supplement (or ‘multi’)…available everywhere. Everyone knows about ‘em; most everyone thinks about taking ‘em; not everyone actually does take ‘em; while most everyone, in this day and age, likely should take ‘em (kind of an oral ‘health insurance policy’)!

MADE IN USALook around at the environmental stresses in our ‘civilized’ society: air pollution, water pollution, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers, high-volume factory farming (now even including fish, for gosh sakes!), genetically-modified foods (and just plain bad food), synthetic chemicals, plastics, medications, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives - the list goes on and on…

Plus, we can’t ignore other stresses: emotional trauma (of all sorts), lack of sleep, rushed eating schedules (or missed meals altogether), family problems, job problems (including losing one), financial woes…

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to look into starting a ‘multi’ regimen; but, where on earth do you begin? There are literally dozens of brands (or more) out there. How do you evaluate them? In earlier days, people just grabbed a name-brand pill that recommended just one pill per day, but nowadays even those types have all sorts of types, for example, men’s, women’s, active lifestyles, energy, immunity, metabolism, muscles, and more…

Then there’s the delivery method: do you want pills, powders, capsules, liquid, ‘gummies’ (the newest ‘in’ thing), sprays, packets, time-release, or what?

Recommended by Doctor Spreen

Is strength an issue? Can I really just swallow one little ol’ pill and be done with it? How can they get everything I need into one tiny little pill? Am I being ‘had’ with such simplicity? That’s a real issue: Why buy it, and swallow it, if it isn’t giving you enough to make a difference? Those are what are called ‘fairy dust supplements’, where the label has a marvelous (and often huge) list of ingredients, but with such a tiny amount of each one that it’s a waste of time, money and effort.

On the other hand, if taking a supplement isn’t easy enough to fit into your active lifestyle, you won’t regularly take it, which means it doesn’t really matter how good it is (believe it or not, there’s actually a multi out there that requires 14 capsules per day!).

You also have to worry about the ingredients that you DON’T want in a multi, such as sugar, food dyes, preservatives, synthetic ‘nutrients’ when natural is available.

There must be an easy solution to all this mess, and we have it.

Let’s cut to the chase…

There’s a real problem with hard pills, not counting the fact that nearly every single one is literally painted with a dye coating on the outside to make it pretty (and slippery). They’re also usually sweetened, for the short time the pill is in your mouth. However, the real problem with hard pills is that the thing must be compressed enough to keep it from falling apart before you take it.

As companies try to get more ingredients into each pill (for ease of taking), they must compress them even harder to shove all that stuff in there. Next time you get a chance, drop a hard-pill multi into a glass of water, and see how long it take to completely break

So, for those reasons, we don’t use hard pills.

MRC Complete Plus Multivitamin‘Time-release’ types are the same way: you’re paying for a product designed specifically NOT to give up its nutrients. It may bypass stomach acid that way, but it may very well also bypass the part of the intestine where the nutrient is absorbed.

No time-release for us.

Capsules can’t hold as much ‘stuff’ as hard pills, so you do need more. But, with no hard shell, no sugar, no dyes, and no coating, what you swallow you are guaranteed to actually get! The ‘gummy’ form requires sweeteners and dyes. Liquids are easily digested, but also need to be sweetened (and colored) to ingest. Powders can taste pretty funky, too.

We use capsules.

To really give you a shot (well, not a shot, really - how ‘bout a ‘swallow’?) at getting all that we think your body needs, we settled on 4 capsules per day for the women, and 3 per day for the men. That way, we can pack a pile of stuff in there, without the hassle of lots of things to swallow.

Some nutrients, like vitamin E, have cheaper, synthetic substitutes; our vitamin E is the natural form.

When there are multiple forms of a nutrient, we try to use a mix, to give you the best chance of complete utilization, such as vitamin K, and vitamin C. For the latter, we even include a rather uncommon, fat-soluble, form of C.

Fairy dust’ labels are common, meaning a list of a gajillion nutrients in the supplement (which looks awesome), but such a tiny amount that the whole thing’s useless. If we put something in there, it’s in a dose from which we (and the literature) believe you’ll actually get some benefit.

No ‘fairy dust’ for us.

We went over every nutrient, one-by-one, in a studied effort to get as much of the right amount of each in there as possible, in the fewest caps possible. However, in the case of vitamin B-12, oral doses of that nutrient are very poorly absorbed (if at all), so we’ve had to handle that with an under-the-tongue form (called sub-lingual, or SL). This small, pleasant-tasting tablet is simply left under the tongue until it dissolves, and can be ordered right here online.

Women’s MRC Complete Plus Multivitamins . . . 'Health Insurance' the Metabolic Research Center way!

You can trust Metabolic Research Center for the highest quality products. All of our vitamins and herbs are manufactured in a cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

, 06/18/2020
I have lots more energy since I have started these vitamins. These are a must have for me.
, 04/21/2020
, 03/29/2020
Love all MRC products!
, 01/24/2020
Great daily vitamin
, 01/16/2020
These vitamins make me feel so much better and more energy.

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Suggested Use: Take one packet daily, preferably with breakfast or lunch.

Store in a cool, dry place.

CAUTION: Not for use by men. If taking a prescription medication or are planning to have surgery, consult a physician before use.

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