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Essential Trace Minerals (60 count)

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Essential Trace Minerals (60 count) Essential Trace Minerals was designed to help maintain a healthy mineral balance while supporting metabolism and weight loss. Trace minerals are inorganic nutrients that are essential to the basic...


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Essential Trace Minerals (60 count)

Essential Trace Minerals was designed to help maintain a healthy mineral balance while supporting metabolism and weight loss.

Trace minerals are inorganic nutrients that are essential to the basic biological processes of the body. The human body requires nearly two-thirds of all the elements currently known in order to maintain health, keeping these minerals in balance is a complex, yet incredibly vital task. The events of everyday living demand a continual ingestion of minerals.

This formula was specifically designed to help maintain a healthy mineral balance while supporting metabolism and weight loss, protecting the body from the effects of aging, boosting immunity, supporting the growth of new skin and promoting optimal health.

It’s so convenient to live by the KISS Principle (that’s ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’). For example, just take your calcium and your bone problems are over with, or pop a little iron and no more anemia...done...period.

Oh, if life were just that simple.

The human body (or any biological entity, including the plants) relies on a concept called ‘synergy’, which means “the interaction of elements that, when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements...” (

So, for example, it’s not just the calcium you need for your bones (no matter what those ridiculous ads on TV tell you). You need the addition of magnesium, manganese, boron, silica, zinc, strontium, vitamin D, and even a host of other nutrients to really get the job done. Every system in the body is designed that way, as is every task in it. High-dose vitamin C, for example, is wonderful stuff: it is required in high doses for the formation of collagen, the number one repair protein in the body (forget about the tiny amounts to stop scurvy, an end-state deficiency disease). But even the almost miraculous vitamin C works far better when mixed with a group of ‘minor players’ called the bioflavonoids (which just happen to be supplied in the white part of the orange peel...pretty neat set-up there, huh!).

Essential Trace Minerals Testimonial

In the case of the minerals (inorganic nutrients), the situation is even worse, because the soils in which our fruits and vegetables are grown have been depleted over the years of their rich supply of all those many minerals we really need for a healthy, properly functioning body. In many cases, some of these minerals (called micro-minerals) are only needed in doses of a few micrograms (that’s a really small amount: a microgram is just one millionth of a gram, while there are 454 grams in a single pound!). However, you miss out on those few micrograms with just a few of the micro-minerals, and the whole system suffers - no synergy.

Knowing just which micro-mineral may be the problem in any one person’s system is tough, so Metabolic Research Center supplies as many as it can put together, and lets the body figure it out - kind of a rich smorgasbord of nutrients, so the body can pick and choose as it pleases.

It’s easy to think about taking your calcium (or your iron, or whatever), and harder to remember that they don’t function alone (it’s even easy to get too much iron, while forsaking so many of the important lesser-known ones). Now it’s easy to get all those that are so difficult to acquire these days...

Metabolic Research Center’s Essential Trace Minerals - here’s to your body’s synergy!


Adults take one (1) tablet daily as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by your healthcare professional. Do not exceed 12 tablets per day.

CAUTION: Not for use by persons under the age of 18. This product is not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women. As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product especially if you are under medical supervision.


Essential Trace Minerals TM  May Be Used To Support:

* Metabolism/Weight loss

* Hormone regulation

* Hair, nail and skin health

* Alkalization

* Thyroid health

* Oxygen level and delivery

* The utilization of life sustaining proteins

* A healthy reproductive system

* Proper burning of glucose

* Body development and growth

* Blood pressure

* Heart Rate

* Digestion

* Body temperature

* Anti-oxidant protection from free radicals

* Enzyme production

* Blood building

* Mental and nerve electrical transmissions

* Immune system protection

* Muscle coordination

* Fighting premature aging


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Reviewed by Loretta Silva-Duran
08/02/2018 8:37 am


Reviewed by Rodney Geurin
02/28/2018 1:19 pm

I have more energy and feel much healthier since I started taking Essential Trace Minerals.

Reviewed by Chitra Krishna
02/28/2018 7:26 am

I really like the Essential Trace Minerals. As compared to other trace minerals, I really feel a difference in the energy and an improvement in the immunity levels and also help with skin getting a glow. Thanks.\r\n

Reviewed by Carol Duffy
02/28/2018 7:17 am

I just feel that Essential Trace Minerals balance me out. I take them with my vitamin before bed and I sleep better. They ensure that nothing is missing when I restrict my carb and calorie intake. My hair, nail and especially skin look great!

Reviewed by Patsy Watts
02/27/2018 2:06 pm

Essential Trace Minerals seemed to help balance my immune system. While I was taking them, I did not get sick a single time, though people around me were down with colds and flu frequently.