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Lose up to 12 lbs in 4 weeks - Virtual Coaching

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Your very own virtual weight loss coach will help you get the weight off and keep it off! All sessions are one-on-one and done by phone or zoom!


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Become a healthier you, wherever you are with Virtual Health Coaching.

How does it work?

Here at the Metabolic Web Store, we’re dedicated to changing how you think about weight loss. Through Virtual Coaching, we are dedicated to personalizing the program to fit your goals, on your schedule, at your pace.  Say goodbye to fad diets, extreme calorie deficits and unrealistic exercise regimens. In order to hit your health goals, you have to enjoy the process. That’s why upon registering for the program, you’re immediately matched with one of our highly experienced health coaches.

Through your 1:1 relationship with your health coach we will:

  • Learn about your specific health goals
  • Navigate your current health conditions to build a plan that works for you
  • Provide a customized menu plan for long-term weight loss success
  • Design a workout regiment that fits your schedule and desired level of activity 
  • Schedule weekly check-in calls and weigh-ins 

If you’re someone who:

  • Wants to build a healthier relationship with food
  • Become more physically active
  • Learn how to shop for and cook healthier meals 
  • Wants to kick yo-yo dieting to the curb and build healthier habits for the long-haul

This is the weight loss program for you.

Get started today and you could lose up to 12 lbs in just one month!

If you’re ready to change your life for the better… we can achieve it together!

You may also want to consider purchasing one of our best selling Metabolic Majic 28 Day Weight Loss Kits to accompany your personal coaching experience! Our Majic Kits contain all of the essentials for a healthy, supported, and successful weight loss journey!

Write a review

Reviewed by Wendy G
09/02/2021 1:55 pm
Online Program is Awesome!
I started this program about a month ago. I wasn't sure how the online program would work for me, but it's been awesome! The ease of the appointments makes sure I never miss. And my coach, Sheryl, is amazing! She's funny, intuitive, and has great suggestions and strategies for success. I would highly recommend this program.

Reviewed by Suzanne V
09/01/2021 12:12 pm
Virtual Coaching is KEY!!!
Thankful to my virtual coach Sherryl!!!!! I do not live near a center so this option makes it all possible for me. Sherryl keeps me positive and excited, she explains everything so it is very easy to follow the program and she'll help me adjust the plan to fit what's happening in my life! I look forward to our meetings twice a week because I know as soon as I hang up the phone I will have a new zest to achieve my goals. I couldn't make this work on my own.

Reviewed by Sara B
08/26/2021 9:08 am
Sherryl Laird is enjoyable to talk to and gets to know her clients and their lifestyles so coaching is tailored to each individual. I never feel pressured to do anything I don't want to do. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Becky W
08/25/2021 12:53 pm
Great Experience
I have been using the "Virtual Health Coach" for approx 2 months. I appreciate Sherryl and her expertise. The value that I have received is being accountable to someone, having her knowledge regarding the products and how/when to use them, and tips regarding making changes to my plan and changes to what food I eat as I move forward in the process of losing weight. I would highly recommend the "Virtual Health Coach".

Reviewed by Debbie D
08/25/2021 12:25 pm
Virtual Health Coaching - Sherryl
Sherryl has been my virtual health coach for about 2 months now. She is currently helping me on my weight loss journey and I will say that I could not have done it without her. She is by nature a very warm and kind soul. She is encouraging and knowledgeable and is always there when you need her. What I love most about having Sherryl as a virtual health coach, is how relatable she is. She has been through very similar situations and provides excellent feedback and tips to keep you moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Sherryl to anyone looking to improve their overall health!