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Our BEST SELLING weight loss kit is now better than ever! This comprehensive package includes 28 days worth of everything you need to see the results you desire - your choice of 8 protein drink flavors, our best selling thermogenic and weight loss support - all bundled with a reusable eco tote and travel shaker bottle. This enhanced kit also includes the official MRC Cookbook (over 300 healthy recipes) and Success Planner for tracking your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.



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Metabolic Majic 28 Day Weight Loss Kit PLUS Cortitrim

Metabolic Majic 28 Day Weight Loss is a complete weight loss program designed to help you lose weight when you absolutely, positively HAVE TO lose the weight... in one month! This best selling kit can also be used to jump-start your weight loss goals or to mix things up along the way to avoid plateaus.

ALL NEW! You now have the option to choose all 8 of your protein drinks flavors! Powders, concentrates, puddings, soups - mix and match to your heart's desire for the perfect mix of 28 days worth of hunger-fighting and muscle-protecting protein! Also included with this kit are a one month supply of our best-selling thermogenic, Phentratrim, and weight loss and digestive aid, MRC-6. You will WOW your friends, family, and YOURSELF with your weight loss success! You won't believe how good you can feel! 

This enhanced kit inlcudes everything from the original Metabolic Majic Kit with the addition of the MRC Cookbook and Success Planner! After 30+ years in the health, weight, and wellness industry, we know that weight loss is so much more than "what you eat". How you feel emotionally and mentally has an impact on how you approach your goals and how successful you are. Losing weight and making changes to your lifestyle takes work (and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!). Weight Loss isn't always easy, but you can make it easier with the help of the MRC Cookbook and Success Planner. Your cookbook is the official cookbook of MRC with recipes provided by dietitians, weight loss coaches, and even client-made masterpieces! Part of knowing "how far you've come" on your journey, is knowing "where you started" - and getting to your goal is so much easier when you have a clear plan laid out and a way to track your progress. Your success planner is your guide throughout your journey. Non dated and enough pages to track 17 weeks of progress means this planner is ready to start whenever you are and will see you through your 28 day Majic Kit and beyond! Plan and record your meals, track your water intake and sleep habis, make notes of how you're feeling, write down inspiration for your daily and weekly life, set goals and establish rewards for when you reach your goals - and we've even hidden some recipes and activities among the pages.

Each Metabolic Majic Kit Includes:

  *56 protein drink packets (your choice of 8 flavors/boxes)  
- $120 value
  * 1 Phentratrim Plus Supplement (90 count)  
- $80.99 value
  * 1 MRC-6 Supplement (180 count)  
- $37.99 value
* 7 Chocolate Metashakes (1 box)
- $20.95 value
  * 1 "In the Kitchen with MRC" Cookbook  
- $12.99 value
* 1 Success Planner
- $16.99 value
  * 1 Shaker Bottle  
- $5 value
  * 1 MRC Tote Bag  
$2.25 Value
  * 1 Digital Copy of the Metabolic Majic 28 Day Weight Loss Plan Instruction Booklet    

A $297.16 value for just $255.00... Plus Free FedEx Ground Shipping!

So you've procrastinated, and now the wedding, or the reunion, or that super-special gala event is just one month away. Time's nearly up, and you've still got pounds to shed to fit into that stellar outfit. Well, IT'S HERE: the established plan that can have you on track to fit into that swimsuit, business suit, or beautiful dress.

What makes Metabolic Majic Kit so great? There's no guesswork, no diet foods, and no counting calories. We take care of all of that for you in this one complete program kit. This scientifically designed plan includes everything you need to see results without starvation or unrealistic food group exclusions. Eat real foods that you buy from your local grocery store and prepare at home or eat out from restaurants. This is not a carb-free or a fat-free diet. This is not a chicken-and-broccoli for 28 days diet. This is not a juice cleanse. This is real foods and meals that you (and other members of your household) can enjoy on a daily basis - and lose the weight!

Metabolic Majic Testimonial

After purchasing your kit, you will receive an email with a link to your downloadable instruction booklet. Your digital e-booklet lays everything out for you in a simple, easy-to-follow routine that you can feel good about. Your food choices, your portions, some of our favorite recipes and tips for success, and more! So before you write off your goal, because it's just too close to possibly be met, throw away that 'it's too late''s NOT too late. Give us 28 days, and we'll show you how to blow the minds of all your friends, when they take one look at you in that terrific outfit that you thought you'd never fit into.

Metabolic Majic Testimonial

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