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More Than Just Soup: 3 Must-Try Recipes Using Chicken Bouillon HNS

January 20, 2022

Chicken Bouillon Soup is one of our top selling high nutrient supplements here at MRC. Not only is it perfect for satisfying your salty cravings and keeping you full, but it can be mixed into a variety of delicious recipes.

Enjoy this diverse product a little more than you already do by adding it into the mix for these recipes:

1. Turkey Meatballs 



Mix Chicken Bouillon HNS with meat, form into small balls. In a skillet, brown meat with onions, peppers, bean sprouts and chili powder. Let simmer until done. Weight 4 oz. of turkey meatballs and 4 oz. cooked vegetables.

Serving Size: 4

Replaces: 4 oz. protein, 4 oz. cooked vegetables, and ¼ clear HNS

2. Italian Dinner



Saute turkey and onions, drain. Add spices and High Nutrient Supplements mixed with water and bring to boil. Steam and microwave vegetables until just tender, weigh 8 oz. cooked. Mix in vegetables and continue to simmer on low for 5-7 minutes. Divide into 2 even portions.

Servings: 2

Replaces: 4 oz. protein, 4 oz. cooked vegetables ½ clear and ½ creamy HNS.

3. Shrimp & Chicken Skewers 


  • 3 oz. chicken breast, cut into strips 
  • 3 oz. peeled shrimp
  • 3 oz. mushrooms
  • 3 oz. combined, chopped: green peppers, green onions
  • Italian seasoning to taste
  • 2 Tbsp. water
  • 1 pkg. Chicken Bouillon High Nutrient Supplement, dry


Alternate chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, green peppers and onions on skewers, sprinkle with seasoning and supplement. Broil or bake for 20 minutes. 

Serving size: 1

Replaces: 4 oz. protein, 4 oz. cooked vegetables and 1 clear High Nutrient Supplement. (Note: Protein will cook down to 4 oz. total).