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Be in complete control with the help of these three top sellers designed to support appetite, carbohydrate metabolism, and whole body nutrition.


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Fat & Carb Blocker (90 count)

Phentratrim Plus (30 count)

Super Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix

Weight loss isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to feel impossible either. This kit was designed with the modern lifestyle in mind to help address the struggles that come along with adopting a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're always on the go or at home most hours of the day, this kit can help support you no matter where you are in your journey to help make weight loss and weight maintenance easier. 

Complete Control Kit +Greens will be a good fit for you if...

  • You're contstantly "on the go" or traveling
  • You find it hard to make a healthy, balanced plate at every meal
  • You eat out more than once a week
  • You want to consume more vegetables and fruits
  • You want to support a healthy digetstive system*
  • You struggle with cravings*
  • You want to naturally boost energy without the use of stimulants*

What comes with your kit:


Our proprietary Carb Reduction Blend is made up of seven powerful herbs and nutrients formulated to support carbohydrate metabolism and healthy digestion*


This proprietary blend of Hoodia gordonii and other natural herbs is formulated to support healthy fat metabolism and energy* without the use of stimulants


Formulated to provide you with the benefits of juicing without the hassle. Made with 50+ different fruits & vegetables + a probiotic blend to support healthy guts*


Are there any stimulants in this bundle?

No, our Phentratrim Plus appetite support supplement is made with Hoodia gordonii and is naturally free from caffeine and stimulants.

What's the best way to mix up my Super Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix?

The cannister will provide instructions for mixing with water. A blender bottle or bottle with a grated top will help get powder mixed up quicker. Our customers tell us that mixing a scoop with a little splash of hot water before adding all of your cold or room temperature water helps to most fully dissolve the powder. You can also mix this powder directly into protein drinks or smoothies.

When should I take Fat & Carb Blocker?

Take two (2) capsules prior to meals out or when consuming foods with extra fats and/or carbohydrates. This product is not known to cause digestive distress or disruption. ALLERGEN ALERT: contains shellfish.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Consume supplements contained in this bundle according to package instructions or as directed by a medical provider or health care professional.


Super Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix

  • 10 half-cup servings of fresh fruits & vegetables in every scoop
  • All natural ingredients
  • No preservatives or artificial sweeteners
  • Fantastic fruit flavor
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Promotes natural energy*
  • Probiotic blend to support healthy guts* 
  • Packed full of 50+ fruits & vegetables
  • Contains polyphenols (micronutrients from plants) and bioflavanoids 
  • Free from gluten, soy, dairy, dyes, and sugars 
  • 30 scoops/30 day supply

PhentraTrim Plus

  • Supports energy levels and fat metabolism*
  • Stimulant-free
  • Proprietary blend of Hoodia gordonii and natural herbs
  • 200mcg Chromium added
  • Easy to digest vegetarian capsules
  • Free from gluten, soy, dairy, dyes, and sugars
  • 90 count/30 day supply

Fat & Carb Blocker

  • Proprietary Carb Reduction Blend made up of seven powerful herbs and nutrients
  • Supports healthy digestion*
  • Supports carbohydrate metabolism*
  • Easy to digest vegetarian capsules
  • Free from soy, dairy, dyes, and sugars
  • 90 count/45 day supply

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Super Fruit & Vegetable Drink Mix

PhentraTrim Plus 30 ct

Fat & Carb Blocker

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