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9 Ways to Stay on Track While Traveling

March 23, 2022

As Spring comes into full bloom, so too, will upcoming travel vacation (or maybe staycation) plans. Despite the fact that many travel to relax and unwind, the act of traveling can often come with lots of stress. “Did I pack everything? Does everyone have their boarding passes? Did we turn off all the lights? What time do we need to leave the house to get to our destination on time? Did we get the confirmation from the hotel?” Your diet or healthy eating regimen doesn’t have to be one more thing that adds stress to what is supposed to be an “un-stressful event”. That’s right! Losing weight and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean that all of the fun things have to go by the wayside. You can lose weight, eat healthy, feel good AND enjoy yourself on vacation.

For some, eating healthy while traveling comes naturally. For the rest of us mere mortals, it requires a little more planning and effort to mimic our healthy choices at home while we are out of our usual element. Here are nine of our top tips for easily striking the perfect balance between “staying on track” and “having a great time”:

Pack your supplies. If you are following a weight loss program or plan, there’s a good chance you’ve got some specific supplements or foods that you’re taking in addition to the healthy foods you’re eating. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean your daily regimen shouldn’t come with you. Be sure to bring enough of your supplies to last you the full duration of your trip whether that’s protein drinks, bars, supplements, breakfast foods or other things. MRC’s Vanilla VHP (Very High Protein) and Chocolate VHP shakes are essentials many travelers pack and take with them as a quick and healthy meal on the go. With 35g of protein and only 250 calories, this complete meal replacement makes for the ultimate travel companion. Shop all meal replacement shakes and stock up today!

Visualize your success. Make a movie in your mind of your trip. Seriously, go ahead and close your eyes and envision yourself making wise choices. Notice how much energy you have because you’ve been eating healthy and can enjoy outdoor activities. Feel the confidence that you’ve grown over the past weeks. All of these non-tangible wins and feelings come with you on vacation. You’ve been working hard to achieve them - there’s no better time than now to utilize them and show them off! By playing out how you want your trip to go in advance, you create a map for your mind to follow. Then, all you have to do when you arrive is follow it - no guesswork. These are the same tactics that successful athletes use before games. Why do they do it? Because it works!  

Use Fat & Carb Blocker when eating out or when having meals you did not prepare. Fat & Carb Blocker helps to block the absorption of excess fats and carbs commonly found in many restaurant foods. These incredibly portable capsules can fit in your purse, pockets, luggage - virtually anywhere. If you’re not sure how something was prepared (looking at you, restaurant food with all of your butters and oils!), then take two Fat & Carb Blocker before your meal to ward off unwanted fats and carbs. Boasting several healthy ingredients such as cinnamon, oat bran seed, collagen and more - this powerful supplement is your all-in-one for comprehensive weight loss and weight maintenance support on the go.

Eating out - decide and be done! If you know where you’re going to eat out, then go online ahead of time and decide what you’ll have before you arrive at the restaurant. The vast majority of restaurants now provide a copy of their menus online. There's no need to expend energy and time romancing the menu. When you arrive, you order, and then spend the rest of your meal enjoying your company. Come in with a plan, commit, and succeed (and don’t forget your Fat & Carb Blocker!)

Ask for a mini-fridge. Call the hotel ahead of time or ask upon arrival. A fridge in the room allows you to store healthy options such as yogurt, boiled eggs, string cheese, fruit, etc. Traveling and eating out likely means that every meal can’t exactly mimic the same level of detail and consistency that you can achieve from home. And that’s okay - every meal doesn’t have to be a perfect 10/10 on the “healthy scale”. But, if you can have a winning breakfast each and every morning, then that’s still a win for a healthier you. Plus, who doesn’t love starting their day on the right foot with a healthy, hearty breakfast?

Carry protein drinks and bars with you. In addition to bringing your supplies with you, be sure to carry them with you when you’re out and about during your day! A protein drink between meals can help tide you over, stabilize blood sugar, and keep your metabolism fueled and firing. If you’ve got that mini fridge in your hotel room, then go ahead and mix up a few protein drinks in water bottles and store them in the fridge overnight. Each morning before you head out to embark on your day’s activities, you can just grab a pre-mixed drink and go! Protein bars are a great snack to have on hand in a bag or purse. When that afternoon craving strikes and everyone else is going to grab an ice cream cone or a side of fries, unwrap a bar and treat yourself (and your body) to something delicious and nutritious! Need to stock up on healthy protein drinks and bars before you go? Shop our collection of protein drinks and bars today!

Drink Water. It is so important to stay hydrated for many reasons (related to and not related to weight loss). Travel, heat, and distractions from our daily routines can all lead to under-hydration. Not only is not getting enough water each day not good for your body and internal systems, when you don’t drink enough water, your body also starts to retain what water you do have…and all of us who have retained water before know firsthand how that impacts the way we look and feel, and can artificially inflate the number on the scale. Drinking plenty of water actually aids your body in flushing excess fluids it’s holding onto - so drink up!

Set healthy boundaries. Just like it’s OK to say “no” to an activity while on vacation (Bungee jumping into a volcano? No thanks!) it’s also okay to say “no” to food and drinks that are not in alignment with your health goals or dietary choices. This is your vacation and you’re allowed to treat yourself or abstain from the things you want. No matter what anyone tries to tell you, what you do or do not eat or drink is not going to ruin anyone else’s experience. If you’ve got a good thing going with your food choices - keep it going while you’re on vacation! It’s just another day in a different place, after all! Good food makes you feel good; so, stick to it as much as you can.

Focus on the people and experiences. You are likely not traveling to a place just to go eat food. Eating food will be a part of your trip, sure, but it’s not the only reason you’re traveling. So, too, should your focus be less on food and more on the people and the experiences of where you are traveling. If traveling with family or friends, focus on spending time with them and enjoying their company and conversation. If you’re traveling alone, immerse yourself in the local culture; sightsee, visit new places and ask the locals what they like to do “for fun.” Let food simply serve as the fuel that gets you from one exciting activity and adventure to the next on your travels.

If traveling is a part of your life, then there’s a place for your new healthy lifestyle and habits in your travel plans, too! It’s important to remember, though, progress and presence over perfection. It’s okay and recommended that you enjoy yourself while you’re traveling - and you can do so without completely derailing and disregarding healthy changes you’ve been making in your life at home. Just don’t overdo it! Focus on friends and family over food, come prepared with your supplements and healthy snacks, and drink lots of water. Celebrate and look for easy wins while traveling such as skipping dessert or maybe only having one or two bites instead of an entire slice of a sweet treat. Maybe you come back and you haven’t lost any weight, but maybe you also haven’t gained any either (and when’s the last time you went on a vacation and came back the same weight)? There's beauty in every good choice you make for your health and self. Seek it out and continue to find satisfaction and success with your new healthy lifestyle habits. Safe and happy travels!