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How to Lose Weight in Under 28 Days

December 22, 2021

It’s true… there’s no ‘magic’ formula when it comes to losing weight. It requires hard work, focus and consistency- especially for those of you trying to lose the weight in a shorter time frame.

That’s why we created the Metabolic Majic 28-Day Weight Loss Kit

After over three decades of research using combinations of extraordinary products, we have put this program together to help SUPERCHARGE your fat-burning metabolism. It’s ultimate goal is to help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible and give you increased energy! 

Today, we are going to go over how the Metabolic Majic 28-Day Weight Loss Kit can help you lose that unwanted weight fast. After observing years of clients successfully completing their program, we’ve compiled a few best practices that are standard among all successful clients. 

By adhering to and making a habit out of the following tips, you will ensure that your weight loss comes at the fastest rate with the most ease! 

8 Tips for Losing Weight in 2 Months

Set your goals 

That’s right, goals, plural. We do believe of course in first setting your end goal. For example, you may have a specific number you want to see on the scale, or have a clothing size you’d like to get back into. But we also believe in setting small achievable goals on your journey to health that you can celebrate along the way like each 5lb milestone, or having goal outfits in mind that you want to see fit looser week to week. 

You see, one of the most important factors in weight loss is motivation. And unfortunately, we can be masters at self sabotage when we lose sight of what we want to achieve. When we only focus on the finish line, it can at times seem too distant, creating doubt, & possibly causing our motivation to falter. By setting small goals that you can celebrate while on your program will help keep you motivated and increase your success!

Take your measurements

Measurements are such a fundamental part of tracking success. We can’t only focus on the number on the scale, we also want to pay attention to the changes our body’s are going through with inch loss week to week. When we see ourselves every single day, it can sometimes be difficult to notice the changes taking place. By taking your measurements, in the beginning of your program and throughout it, you will get to track those changes. Take a look at our blog and instructional video on how to accurately take your measurements & let’s start melting those inches away. 

Increase water intake

We should strive to achieve a consumption of at least 64 of “clear” water per day. In the beginning this will aid your body in the detox of the carbohydrates, sugars, caffeine, and processed foods from your system. This will rid your body of water weight and inflammation to kick off your weight loss and get your body ready for fat-burning. 

From there, if you are following our menu and burning fat rapidly, then you need to continue to consume at least 64 oz of water to properly flush the fat, otherwise that fat storage can just recongregate elsewhere in the body, which will result in slow or no weight loss. Not to mention, drinking water helps keep our tummy full, which in turn helps with our ability to stick to our menu. Learn more about the importance of consuming 64 oz of water daily for weight loss here.

Adhere to your menu

At MRC, our menus have been formulated to give you a specific combination of proteins, fats, & carbohydrates. Instead of focusing on caloric consumption, we put our focus on portions. With our 28-day Boot Camp menu that is provided with your Metabolic Majic Kit, substituting or moving those portions around could result in slower weight loss. 

To achieve maximum results, compare your meals to your menu plan to make sure you are getting the correct servings. If the Boot Camp menu looks to be a little too strict for you, don’t fret! That is why we are here. Contact us to get set up with a virtual health coach. Based on your needs & current lifestyle that you will discuss together, you will be matched with a different menu plan that will be better suited for you individually. One month of virtual health coaching comes included with the purchase of your Metabolic Majic 28 Day Weight Loss Kit.  

Purchase a food scale

Careful measuring of all portion sizes is very important. We recommend buying a food scale for accurate measuring. Pay attention to your menu categories as the weight can depend on whether what you are weighing is raw or cooked. We’ve heard it many times; “I can just eyeball it”, we aren’t saying it’s impossible, but it does leave a margin for error. As we mentioned before, the fat-burning on our menu is based on a combination of portions, almost as if it were like a nutritional math equation: 1 + 1 = 2. Well, if you were to change a variable in that equation by skipping a serving or possibly the over-consumption of a menu item, you could get an entirely different nutritional outcome which may not result in fat-burning.  

Understand your protein drinks 

In purchasing our 28-day Metabolic Majic Kit, you will receive 8 boxes (56 packets) of MRC High Nutrient Supplement Drinks to be used as an addition on your menu to your three meals a day. You will consume a minimum of two daily, but can absolutely utilize more of these high nutrient supplements to increase your weight loss. Women under 200lbs can intake up to 4 Protein drinks each day, where women over 200lbs and ALL men, can have up to 5. 

The protein drinks are the key to your success on our program, as they:

  • Increase our fat-burning
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Preserve lean muscle mass
  • Help suppress hunger
  • Promote skin elasticity
  • Curb sugar & carbohydrate cravings. 

Maximize your metabolism and weight loss by having the maximum number of drinks allowed per day. Read even more about the benefits of our protein drinks here.

Utilize our support

We know that the more you feel supported and understood, the easier and more enjoyable your weight loss experience will be. You are not alone. Thousands of us are creating recipes, motivating each other, and sharing ideas. We invite you to become part of our community! Once you are a client of MRC, you will be granted access to our private support group on Facebook, where others just like you are focusing on their health and working towards their goals. 

In addition, register your email account to our newsletter. On both platforms you will receive weight loss tips, coupons, and recipes. Last but certainly not least, utilize the support of our health coaches! Have weekly one on one weigh-ins with your very own virtual health coach. This gives you the opportunity to talk through any struggles you are facing, have help in planning for events and what to do in those difficult social settings, as well as receive all the support and accountability you need to be successful! You can either purchase a virtual health coaching package here, or can receive a free month by purchasing the Metabolic Majic 28-day Weight Loss Kit.

Maximize your weight loss with supplementation

If you spend any time navigating our website you will see that we offer an entire line of herbal & vitamin supplements. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what you want to incorporate. Let’s help simplify things! First let’s talk about our three top selling supplements- Phentratrim Plus, MRC-6, Corti-Trim. 

  • Phentratrim Plus™: A thermogenic, which will help suppress your appetite and act as your metabolism. It can take many months of ideal nutrition to naturally repair and improve the metabolism. And being that our metabolic rate is what will dictate our weight loss, we certainly don’t want to wait for this process to occur! We want your metabolism to be  functioning properly on day one of getting started on your weight loss journey. This product is stimulant free, so no jitters, and is not designed to increase blood pressure nor heart rate.
  • MRC-6: Our clients call this “Liposuction in a bottle!” An amazing formulation of apple cider vinegar for digestion, blue-green algae for energy, kelp for health thyroid glands, lecithin to dissolve fat storage, bromelain as a digestive aid and weight loss promoter, and vitamin B6 to flush the fat and overall health. 
  • Corti-Trim™: This product is the not so secret weapon in the fight against fat. It contains calcium, chromium, vitamin C, magnolia bark, L-Theanine, green tea leaf extract and other amazing ingredients. All of which are known to maximize weight loss, nourish and heal adrenal glands, and help reduce abdominal fat. 

In addition to these three top sellers, we have products that help specifically with sugar cravings like Metabolic Glucose Formula, or reduce emotional trigger cravings with Garcinia Plus™, or even to block the absorption of excess fats and carbohydrates with our Fat & Carb Blocker. You don’t have to take everything on our virtual shelves to be successful, but there certainly are products that depending on your needs could be utilized to help support you and increase your success! 

There truly is no “magic” to weight loss, it’s all about having all the correct components to facilitate fat-burning. We believe that with the right nutrition, support, and supplementation you will have no problem with losing up to thirty pounds in two months. Thank you so much again for trusting MRC as your weight loss approach, we know you are going to be so happy you did! And we can’t wait to hear about your success!